Fascist of the Year
If you voted for Obama because of his stance on gay marriage, you really don’t understand the value of economics.

Gay marriage is such a trivial issue to vote for when you factor in a growing national debt, an unresolved healthcare crisis, and a poorly managed recovery.

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    even though gay marriage is an important issue to many people, this is true. There are alot of other platforms that are...
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    I know I’m stepping into piranha-infested waters concerning this topic, but let me stick my big, fat toe in and stir the...
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    Who even knows what his stance on marriage is? The man is a giant phony. Hello, he claimed to change his mind right...
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    “Except economics aren’t as important when freedoms are being infringed by state bodies; lower tax rates on these...
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    Except economics isn’t important when freedoms are being infringed by state bodies; lower tax rates on these married...
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